All-Day Insoles for Service Workers

On Your Feet All Day and Still Haven’t Tried FP Insoles?

If you're spending hours on end standing or walking, you know the pressure it puts on your feet. The strain of long periods of standing can take a toll on your feet and joints, leading to discomfort and long-term issues like chronic foot pain, varicose veins and joint damage. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

FP Insoles are designed for hardworking individuals like you — service workers who deserve more comfort and less discomfort. Whether you're a nurse, chef, retail employee or in any profession requiring long hours on your feet, it's time to step into a new era of comfort with FP Insoles.

Get the Support You Need

Our feet bear the weight of our entire bodies. When we stand for prolonged periods, that continuous pressure can disrupt the natural alignment of our musculoskeletal system. Poor quality footwear or lack of proper support can worsen this, leading to imbalances and pain in the feet, knees, hips and even the lower back.

FP Insoles are designed to counteract these negative effects with our advanced shock-absorbing technology. Our insoles reduce the impact on your joints and align your foot correctly inside your shoe, giving your feet the relief they deserve.

A picture of a pair of FP Insoles Gamechangers Custom Orthotics.

Gamechangers Custom Orthotics

Gamechangers Custom Orthotics offer a personalized fit for unparalleled comfort and support. With the unique feature of molding to the contours of your foot, these insoles provide consistent, firm arch support, ideal for those with flat or low arches. Their advanced shock-absorbing technology helps reduce the impact on your joints, minimizing fatigue and discomfort throughout your workday.

Switch to Gamechangers and experience a remarkable difference in comfort and endurance during those long work hours.

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A picture of a pair of Kingfoam Insoles

Kingfoam Insoles

Kingfoam Insoles deliver optimal comfort without the need for custom molding. Ideal for individuals with low to mid-arches, these insoles provide the same high-level shock absorption as the Gamechangers, ensuring your feet stay comfortable even during the longest shifts.

If you don't have specific biomechanical issues or need rigid custom orthotic support, the Kingfoam Insoles could be your key to a more comfortable workday. Step into a pair and feel the Kingfoam difference in every stride.

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3D rendering of an insole offering arch support with the text “I want arch support.”

Arch Support Insoles

Ideal for individuals with flat feet, those struggling with plantar fasciitis or anyone who spends extended periods standing, our Arch Support Insoles are designed to maximize comfort while minimizing joint soreness. Providing enhanced balance and power with each step, these insoles are your perfect solution for reliable support and improved performance.

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3D rendering of a flat insole with the text “I want flat insoles.”

Flat Insoles

Revamp your footwear with our Flat Insoles, uniquely designed with proprietary shock absorption technology to extend comfort over long periods of use. These trim-to-fit insoles can easily replace your standard shoe insoles, providing enhanced comfort and durability. If your size isn't available, simply opt for a larger size. Although they are perfect for individuals with high arches, these versatile insoles are compatible with all foot types.

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Choosing the Right Insole for Your Arch Type

High Arch

Arch support is generally unnecessary as high arches tend to supinate, or roll outwards. In this case, flat insoles are recommended. These energy-absorbing insoles relieve pressure from the heel and ball of the foot, making them ideal for individuals prone to forefoot and ball-of-foot pressure issues or those who frequently sprain their ankles.

Low/Flat Arch

Custom arch support is often beneficial as low arches tend to overpronate, leading to alignment issues and joint soreness. Arch-supporting insoles are recommended, particularly for those who stand or walk all day or experience soreness in their knees, hips or back.

Insole Selection Tips

  • A mid arched foot can get both flat or orthotic insoles
  • A flat foot can choose a simple flat insole if desired, however we recommend custom orthotics.
  • Check your shoe’s stock insoles to determine how thick of an FP Insole you should choose.
  • Women’s sizing is determined by adding 2 to men’s size. EX. a men’s 4 is a women’s 6
  • In case of out of stock sizes, all Flat insoles can be trimmed down to any size while orthotics can only be trimmed down one full size

Insole Thickness Guide

  • Low Profile (3.5mm)

    Ideal for dress shoes, certain running shoes, roller skates and some snowboard boots.

  • Mid Profile (5mm)

    Fits well in almost all types of shoes, including cupsoles, running shoes and snowboard boots.

  • High Profile (7mm)

    Best suited for vulcanized shoes (classic rubber-bottom sneakers) and most types of boots.