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Hi Profile Kingfoam Elite Moldable Heel Cup Insoles - Otaku

Hi Profile Kingfoam Elite Moldable Heel Cup Insoles - Otaku

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How to Mold Your Kingfoam Elite Moldable Heel Cup Insoles

Step 1: Heat It Up

Preheat your oven to 200°F. Place the insole inside and let it heat for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Insert in Shoe

Carefully remove the insole from the oven (it will be hot), and quickly place it into your shoe. Make sure it aligns properly with the inner contours of your shoe for a perfect fit.

Step 3: Create Your Mold

Put on your shoe with the heated insole inside. Start walking around. As the insole cools down, it will start to mold to the unique shape of your foot. Pay special attention to putting pressure on your heel to ensure the heel cup molds accurately.

Step 4: Cool Down

Continue to walk until the insole has completely cooled down. This ensures a perfect mold for maximized comfort and support.

With these simple steps, you can enjoy a custom-fitted heel cup that offers excellent support, disperses impact and reduces the risk of heel bruising.

WEIGHT 0.38 lbs
DIMENSIONS 12 × 4 × 3
GRAPHIC: Colours Collectiv, Dakota Servold, Dane Burman Atlas, Dark Grey Camo, dark-grey-camo-lo-pro-gc, fp camo elite, Jaws Feet, Jaws Mushroom, Jaws OG, Lizard King, Manny Santiago, ODB WU TANG Clan Brooklyn, ODB WU TANG Clan Welfare Card, Otaku, Paul Hart Conspiracy
USA MEN'S | WOMEN'S SIZE Medium (M 5-10.5/ W 7-12.5), Large (M 8-14.5 /W 10-16)