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Kingfoam Elite Insoles - Elite Hi Classic

Kingfoam Elite Insoles - Elite Hi Classic

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Product Description

Greater thickness means greater shock energy absorption. The Elite Hi Classic high profile insoles feature a 5mm toe and 10mm heel for superior impact protection and comfort.

  • Flat insoles suitable for all foot types, especially mid to high arches.
  • Protect your feet and joints by absorbing over 90% of shock energy in lab tests.

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About Kingfoam Elite Insoles High Thickness (5mm Toe to 10mm Heel)

High profile Kingfoam Elite Insoles have a 5mm toe and 10mm heel to absorb shock energy and reduce stress on your feet. These insoles help minimize the risk of fatigue-related injuries and protect your feet from high-impact activities that can lead to discomfort, pain, and even long-term damage.

Designed to fit all foot types, Kingfoam Elite high profile insoles are ideal for action sports with high impact, particularly for people with mid to high arches or even those who struggle with flat feet.

The greater the thickness, the greater the shock energy absorption. These high profile Kingfoam Elite Insoles provide substantial impact protection to your feet.

Benefits of Kingfoam Elite Insoles

  • Compatibility: Flat insole designed to fit all foot types and especially help those with high to mid arches.
  • High-Impact Protection: Flat design with a sloped heel for additional protection.
  • Thickness Options: Thin, Medium, and High thickness versions available with up to 10mm heel, ideal for action sports.
  • Superior Shock Absorption: Protects your feet and joints by absorbing over 90% of shock energy, significantly outperforming other insoles.
  • NASA-Endorsed Material: Made using the same proprietary shock-absorbing material formulation used aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

*Note: For women's insole sizing, add two sizes up. (Ex: a men's size 4 insole is a women's size 6.)

For more design options, see the Additional Information tab, or browse more flat shock absorbing insoles.


0.61 lbs


12 × 4 × 3


High: Colours Collectiv AJAColours Collectiv 2D PandaColours Diber Kato Cyber GirlDane Burman AtlasFP x BeeingsJaws FeetJaws MushroomJaws OGKittybabe GirlManny SantiagoODB WU TANG Clan BrooklynODB WU TANG Clan Welfare CardOtakuRobot LegacyRyan Decenzo

Medium: Bird CatcherColours CollectivED BassmasterFP Elite Mid ClassicKittybabe in Space 3ODB Wutang Clan Warning LabelSakuraSkeleton BlackWill Barras- King of Summer

Thin: FP Elite Low Classic


High (5mm toe 10mm heel), Mid (5mm toe 7mm heel), Thin (3mm toe 5mm heel)


Large (M 8-14.5 /W 10-16), Medium (M 5-10.5/ W 7-12.5), Small (M 3-8 / W 5-10)