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Kingfoam Elite Insoles - FP Elite Low Classic

Kingfoam Elite Insoles - FP Elite Low Classic

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Experience unrivaled comfort and shock absorption with our Kingfoam Elite Insoles, engineered for all foot types. Our Thin thickness option features a 3mm toe and 5mm heel for lightweight comfort, impact protection and support.

Benefits of Kingfoam Elite Insoles

  • Designed to accommodate all foot types.
  • Low profile shape with sloped heel for stability.
  • Thin thickness features 3mm toe and 5mm heel for excellent protection during casual use.
  • Absorbs over 90% of shock, significantly more than other insoles.
  • Uses proprietary NASA-tested material also found in the Space Station.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

Elite Low Classic Insole

The Elite Low has a 3mm toe and 5mm heel thickness for lightweight comfort and shock absorption. The contoured shape enhances stability while the multidensity Kingfoam cushions every step. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool and dry.

FP Elite Low Classic Design (See all Kingfoam Elite Insoles.)

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Kingfoam Elite Insoles: Thin Thickness

Proper shock absorption is vital for protecting feet and avoiding injuries. On a daily basis, our feet face huge impact forces from sports, walking, running, and other activities. Without adequate absorption, these forces can harm feet, triggering discomfort, pain, and long-term damage.

Kingfoam Elite Insoles thin profile are scientifically proven to absorb over 90% of shock energy, dramatically exceeding other insoles that only manage around 50% absorption (ASTM F 1614-1999). By absorbing most impact, our low profile insoles (3mm toe, 5mm heel) reduce stress on feet, lower injury risks from fatigue, and promote long-term foot health.

Engineered for all foot types, Kingfoam Elite Insoles provide unmatched durability, cushioning and performance. Whether you desire daily foot comfort or engage in casual activities, Kingfoam Elite Insoles supply optimal shock absorption to keep your feet shielded and relaxed.

Recommended for:

  • High Arch
  • Mid Arch

Compatible with:

  • Low Arch/Flat Foot

Thin Thickness Model

  • 3mm toe, 5mm heel - lightweight comfort and impact protection for casual sports or activities.

The greater the thickness, the greater the shock energy absorption, providing substantial protection to your feet during high-impact activities.

Step into Space-Age Support

Kingfoam Elite Insoles utilize the same FluidX material trusted by NASA aboard the International Space Station. This cutting-edge, NASA-vetted material delivers unsurpassed cushioning and support in our Kingfoam Elite Insoles, bringing space-age comfort down to Earth. By leveraging the same shock-absorbing material proven in the zero-gravity environment, our insoles provide a superior experience crafted for comfort and resilience.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our products and are committed to your satisfaction. If our insoles don't deliver on our promises, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.


WEIGHT 0.61 lbs
DIMENSIONS 12 × 4 × 3
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THICKNESS High (5mm toe 10mm heel), Mid (5mm toe 7mm heel), Thin (3mm toe 5mm heel)
USA MEN'S | WOMEN'S SIZE Large (M 8-14.5 /W 10-16), Medium (M 5-10.5/ W 7-12.5), Small (M 3-8 / W 5-10)