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Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles - Colours Collectiv AJA

Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles - Colours Collectiv AJA

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Discover an unparalleled combination of impact protection and durability with our Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles. Designed with a dual-density arch chamber that dynamically adapts to every step, these insoles offer superior comfort and support.

Benefits of Kingfoam Elite Pro Insoles

  • Design: Choose from a variety of Kingfoam Orthotic Elite graphics.
  • Optimized Thickness: With 6mm thickness at the toe and 8mm at the heel, these insoles are built for balanced comfort and support.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Reinforcement: The fabric is backed by a TPU layer for maximum durability.
  • Premium Shock Absorption: Lab tests show that our insoles absorb over 90% of shock energy, far outperforming the 53% absorption rate of other "performance" insoles (ASTM F 1614-1999).
  • NASA Formula: Our proprietary insole material is the same formulation used by NASA for its high-standard applications.
  • Break-In Period: For optimal comfort, allow a break-in period of 3-5 days.
  • Trim to Fit: Available in standard widths, these insoles can be trimmed for a perfect fit in your shoes.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.
*Note: For women's insole sizing, add two sizes up. (Ex: a men's size 4 insole is a women's size 6.) View full details

Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles: Superior Impact Protection and Durability

Experience a new standard of foot comfort with Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles, expertly designed for impressive shock absorption. Our innovative insoles harness the science of non-Newtonian physics to offer superior shock mitigation. Under normal conditions, the insoles are flexible and conform comfortably to your foot. However, upon impact, such as during a step or jump, the material momentarily hardens to disperse the force, instantly reducing the strain transmitted to your foot and body.

According to ASTM F 1614-1999 standard testing, Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles can absorb more than 90% of shock energy. This is significantly higher compared to conventional “performance” insoles, which only manage an absorption rate of 53%. The results? A remarkable reduction in foot fatigue and discomfort, enhanced performance and a lower risk of impact-related injuries.

Universal Compatibility for All Foot Types

Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles are thoughtfully designed with universal compatibility in mind. Regardless of whether you have flat feet, high arches or anything in between, these insoles adapt to your unique foot structure. Thanks to our patent-pending construction method in the dual-density arch chamber, the insoles dynamically adjust to the shape and movement of your foot with each step, delivering personalized support and comfort.

Simply trim the insoles to fit your shoes, and enjoy the Kingfoam advantage of superior comfort, durability and shock absorption across all your activities. From high-impact sports to everyday walking, Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles redefine the standard of insole performance and protection.

Step Into Space-Age Support

When you step into our insoles, you're stepping into the same material used aboard the International Space Station (ISS). After rigorous testing, NASA selected our proprietary FluidX material to protect their Astrobee robots’ highly sensitive equipment, prioritizing its lightweight and high-energy-absorbing properties. Special injection-molded components — created in the same manner as our elite series insoles — were integrated into the existing parts of the Astrobee. Now, this cutting-edge material that passes NASA's stringent standards is at your feet, providing unparalleled comfort and support with our Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our products and are committed to your satisfaction. If our orthotic insoles don't deliver on our promises, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.