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Heel Saviors

Heel Saviors

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About Heel Saviors

The new standard in durability and impact protection, our Heel Saviors will double to triple the impact protection of stock insoles and increase impact protection to the max when placed under FP Insoles.

Sloping from 6mm to 2mm, the Heel Saviors will fit comfortably in any shoe. A highly resilient skin protects the inner foam for lasting durability and protection from blowouts. Expect these to last all year.

What’s Included:

Two “Heel Saviors” protectors.


Simply slip Heel Saviors under your current insole. If your shoe has a slippery foot bed, apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the shoe. If placing under our Gamechangers Custom Orthotics, remold them with the Heel Saviors placed in the shoe.

WEIGHT 0.75 lbs
DIMENSIONS 13 × 5 × 3
THICKNESS 10mm, 5mm